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Yopo~! Its been a while now~~
Been travelling around for the pass two weeks~

First off Our little LightSaber Performance group F.A.S.T took the first trip to the east – Kuching for performance of the Grand opening of Astro Life Centre, Boulevard Mall (First time in Kuching btw ^^) As Kuching’s Mayor and other big head shot were there~ 
Kuching is a beautiful place~ 
Hope to get to go there again soon!! 

My Kuching Trip Photo 😀

Next is CF Mini Cosplay Trip to Penang~
Been a while since i head to Penang~ This should be my second time to Penang OwO;;
Day one as Kazuki Muto
Day two as Leo Kliesen
Its was so much fun~ Penang food were as awesome as hell XD
(Miss Penang fooooooooood~~~~~~)
But for some Reason after i left Penang i start to feel sick >.>;;;;;
Guess that’s pretty much to report for now…
Now that i’m back home… 
am waiting for AMG to arrive~~~~~ >w>;;;


Hello, everyone!
Today I would like to talk about my addictions! (In Q&A style)
So please sit down and have a cup of coffee or tea while enjoy reading my addiction 🙂
Q: What are your Addiction?
A: Anime & Manga, Cosplay

Q: What kind of Anime & Manga you like/love?
A: Classic, Comedy, Action, Gore, Violent… etc etc
(Pretty much anything you can name off :D)

I’m pretty much a typical person that just watch anything as long as its interest me. Recently I’ve been chasing some new Anime called “Shigeki No Kyojin” and “FREE!”. But my all time favorite Anime and Manga would be One Piece! Gosh, no mare words could described how wonderful that Anime & Manga could be. The Mangaka Eiichiro Oda, is a Great and Talented artist, really appreciate all his hard work that bring us tears and joy through out the whole story.

Next is Macross. Among all Macross series, I Love Macross 7 the most! Although i knew Macross a bit later. Only knew Macross when the Macross Frontier came out, but that doesn’t stop me for being a Macross fan.
List goes on as Samurai X, Buso Renkin, Fist of North Star, Bleach, Naruto…etc etc
Q: What Character do you like/love the most in the Anime & Manga?
A: Currently Nekki Basara is my favorite character in Macross 7.
(Lynn Minmay of Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Roronoa Zoro of One Piece, Yahiko Myojin of Samurai X and Kazuki Muto of Buso Renkin.)
Q: Why?
A: That’s because I really like Macross series!
(And the others too!!)
Fukuyama Yoshiki — Singing voice for Nekki Basara, His voice was so powerful that i got moved by him the second i heard his song! (Okay, maybe not a second.. but its just unbelievable.) All his song are vintage yet its still live on until now, you just can’t find anyone with his voice anymore in our currently Rock ‘n’ Roll culture! I love every song he sang, I love it so much to the point I could play them repeatedly almost everyday non-stop. His song are just that powerul. One of the Best song that sang by him are “Totsugeki Love HEART”, “Planet Dance” and “Holy Lonely Night”. Gosh youngster this days just don’t know how to appreciate Rock ‘n’ Roll back then! (Speaking of Rock ‘n’ Roller, Did I ever mention I’m a HUGE Elvis Presly fan?) I personally love “Try Again” & “Angel’s Voice” the most because it really gives you the motivation to move on even after a hard fall from work or so on. It really motivates me to move forward to approach new things. Really really appreciate it.  Lynn Minmay is also another character from Macross series i like too. I love her song “Do you remember love?”. Very sweet, very touching, Just like first love.
Q: Cosplay? What’s That?
A: Short term for “Costume Play”

I had started this hobby since 2010. It was Comic Fiesta 2009 I’ve got myself known to the culture of Cosplay, That’s where my life start to change, really was a newbie back then. But it took me 4 years to start Cosplay.

Q: Sound very interesting, Tell me more about it! What do you do?
A: Basically you dress up as a character you like/love!

One of the basic knowledge about Cosplay is that you must be in a costume in order to Cosplay, but they could be anything! During my first year in Cosplay circle I cosplayed as a Butler, but with limited resources I decided to just use what even I had and go with it. In the end it was fun. Wigs are also another majority in Cosplay culture, in order to be that particular character, it must be styles according to that character’s hair style, the more Accurate the better. Same goes as Costume.

Q: How much does Cosplay change your life?
A: I could say I can’t live without Cosplay anymore, Its like a Drug to me now.

Ever since my First Cosplay event, I’ve found a cure in my life. Cosplay — My life saver since 2009.

Q: What did you learn in Cosplay?
A: Prop making, Basic sewing Technic and Basic make up knowledge.

One of the wonderful things about Cosplay is self making Props. I find that making prop is a wonderful way to express your love towards Cosplay, because you pour your Blood and Sweat, Heart and Soul into making something you have not don’t before. In the end even thought it might not come out right but you still find its satisfied cause its was done by your very own hand!

Q: What have you make so far?
A: Kazuki’s Sunlight Heart and other simple Katana and tanto/wakizashi.

Q: Still… Why Cosplay?
A: ‘Cause I could be become someone once with a different Characteristic.

Cosplay is like Persona, You could become a certain kind of character with a particular Characteristic. Its just like an alter ego of yours. Or maybe just to be a different person for once.

Q: So, Who is your ideal kind of Character/Characteristic to Cosplay as?
A: Laguna Loire from Final Fantasy VIII

Laguna Loire is a very good example for such characteristic. Laguna is described as a handsome man with many faces and even more talents. He has shoulder-length dark hair and green eyes. He is cheerful, generous, kind-hearted, and though he hates fighting. He is respected among his comrades, although they scorn him at times for his impulsive attitude, but still ultimately rely on him for guidance and direction. Laguna is courageous in the face of danger and especially when his friends are in trouble. When given time to think about the danger he is in, Laguna can become hesitant, but he is always willing to put his life on the line for the sake of justice.

Laguna is known for making up phrases on the fly whenever he does not know the correct words to a phrase, or just getting it wrong altogether. Laguna’s friends laugh at him for his mistakes to which Laguna usually becomes embarrassed and ends the conversation. He is known for his inability to talk to women, though he exclaims it is only “beautiful women” around whom he gets nervous. When Laguna gets nervous his left leg cramps up.
(Above resource is took from FF Wiki ^^;;)
Q: So far who have you Cosplayed?
A: Leo Kliesen from Tekken 6 only

Leo was my First Character to Cosplay, The amount of Money spend on her costume are just crazy, but its a commitment for me to commit in order to Cosplay her.

Q: Who’s on your next list of Cosplay?
A: Laguna Loire & Kazuki Muto.

Q: Any tip or suggestion for a new Cosplayer?
A: Always study you character before Cosplay him/her. But most of all, have fun!!

I guess that concludes my Addiction?
Thank you for reading it!
I do hope I did not bored any of you off with my style of writing .
See ya!! 🙂