Yopo~! Its been a while now~~
Been travelling around for the pass two weeks~

First off Our little LightSaber Performance group F.A.S.T took the first trip to the east – Kuching for performance of the Grand opening of Astro Life Centre, Boulevard Mall (First time in Kuching btw ^^) As Kuching’s Mayor and other big head shot were there~ 
Kuching is a beautiful place~ 
Next is CF Mini Cosplay Trip to Penang~
Been a while since i head to Penang~ This should be my second time to Penang OwO;;
Day one as Kazuki Muto
Day two as Leo Kliesen
Its was so much fun~ Penang food were as awesome as hell XD
(Miss Penang fooooooooood~~~~~~)
But for some Reason after i left Penang i start to feel sick >.>;;;;;
Guess that’s pretty much to report for now…
Now that i’m back home… 
am waiting for AMG to arrive~~~~~ >w>;;;

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